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The $ 37.5 million Series C from Buoy Health, a symptom verification start-up, has garnered a lot of attention among health tech market watchers due to the collaborative support of the funding cycle from healthcare providers. health plans. THREE paying organizations – Optum, Humana and Cigna from UnitedHealth – participated in the round, and co-founder and CEO Andrew Le is here to tell us why.

What’s interesting is how the health tech startup model has evolved beyond “symptom checking” and patient decision making to better resolve uncertainty under. -jacent that generally pushes a patient to “go through care” that is often poorly adapted clinically AND financially. “If you don’t resolve the clinical uncertainty first,” says Andrew, “nothing else matters.” Health plans, however, probably also see the potential of ensuring that their members are directed to the right kind of “covered” care. And Buoy’s grand plan is to help that with a full market of organized solutions – think telehealth, digital health apps, digital therapies, and more. – which complement the design of the benefits of a traditional health plan. Suddenly checking for symptoms seems like a means to a very different end …

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