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Signify Health CEO Kyle Armbrester Shuts Down on IPO Day! Hours after ringing the bell to launch $ SGFY on the New York Stock Exchange, Jess DaMassa takes a look at the health tech company’s $ 7.1 billion valuation and plans to help vendors, payers and self-insured employers to expand their value-based care offerings. Kyle calls it “Value-Based Care 2.0” and, for the uninitiated, does a great job of stepping back and explaining the history of this healthcare payment model and how Signify is building its new approach. generation from the foundations laid over the past decade.

What is unique about Signify Health’s model is that it doesn’t just rely on technology to more easily find where managed care organizations can help reduce healthcare costs and getting better workers come to patients’ homes to physically research potential barriers to recovery and well-being. It is in this critical ‘last mile’ that Signify has probably the greatest impact, connecting the social determinants of health (physical environment, social support networks, economic status, etc.) to the health system in a way. which not only helps patients, but is also the way in which all stakeholders in the continuum of care are engaged. (And that includes Signify, which runs with its customers and only gets paid when they generate better results and lower costs.) So what’s the ultimate opportunity for this type of ‘deep healthcare business? “? We are entering Signify Health’s business model, competition, and plans for growth and M&A activity now that they are backed by $ 564 million in capital from day one in the public market.

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