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Digital Mental Health Unicorn Ginger Just Launched “Ginger for Teens” to Help 1 in 5 Teens Currently With Mental Health Disorders, Amid What Is Called A “Teen Mental Health Crisis “. There is no doubt that parents are at their wit’s end in seeking care, and Ginger hopes her adolescent-friendly set of self-guided content, behavioral health coaching and video therapy will support a ‘family’ approach to healthcare. mental health that will help everyone feel a little better.

Ginger’s Chief Clinical Director Dr Dana Udall and Adolescent Services Coordinator Dr Dena Scott share their perspectives on the adolescent mental health crisis, including the myriad of factors they had to take into account when they reorganized the Ginger offer to meet the needs of this new clientele. Ginger for Teens will be rolled out to nearly 650 Ginger employer clients by the end of the year, helping teens access it through their parents’ workplace health plans. And beyond the baseline of Ginger’s employer-sponsored health plan? Will Ginger for Teens also apply to its health plan clients? Don’t think we’ve forgotten this one-of-a-kind national contract with Cigna and the potential this partnership could offer to help millions of families across the country. So what are the big plans to increase the supply of adolescent mental health care? Find out more by logging in …

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