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Today on Health in 2 Point 00, we’re back from our 200th episode celebration! In Episode 201, we have an episode of all-European fundraising deals for you, and I even try to answer each story with a focus that is business-relevant. First, the French insurance company Alan raises 185 million euros. Scottish company Current Health is raising $ 43 million in Series B for remote patient monitoring. Luckily we have an English company in the mix, Proximie is raising $ 38 million, bringing their total to $ 48 million – they’re doing AR for the OR. Kry, a Swedish telehealth company with 3 million visits, is raising $ 316 million, bringing their total to $ 570 million. Finally, the German company Caresyntax is raising $ 100 million, bringing their total to $ 177 million by analyzing the data around the surgery. —Matthew Holt

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