Health in 2 Point 00

Today on Health in 2 Point 00, Jess is laughing at me because my primary care provider has acquired a Medicare provider – One Medical is buying Iora Health for $ 2.1 billion in stock. This agreement is curious because they are two very different organizations. Next, HumanFirst (formerly Elektra Labs) is raising $ 12 million in a Series A, bringing their total to $ 15 million, working on distributed clinical trials. Medallion Raises $ 20 Million in Series A to Overcome Barriers for Digital Health Care Providers Around State Licensing Rules, and Aunt Bertha Raises $ 27 Million to Work on Social Determinants of Health and Provide patient social care resources. Finally, Grand Rounds and Doctor on Demand acquire Inclus Health, an LGBTQ +-focused healthcare navigation platform. —Matthew Holt

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