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PSPC health trackers interested in betting on value-based primary care for the lucrative Medicare Advantage market will love hearing Cano Health CEO Marlow Hernandez delve into the details of the $ 4.4 billion valuation of his business and a growth rate of 7000% over three years. Cano Health clinics provide “primary care plus” to 100,000 seniors, targeting the special needs of underserved Latin American markets in Florida, Texas, Nevada and Puerto Rico. With $ 1.4 billion in revenue, Cano’s business resembles that of Oak Street Health, a publicly traded company, which has a market cap of $ 14 billion.

Hoping to replicate what they started in Florida (where Cano Health has a long-standing relationship serving Humana’s Medicare Advantage members), the company is partnering with leading national AD plan providers. like UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, Centene and Devoted and is expanding its network. of more than 550 primary care physicians. A surprising component of the business plan? Cano Health’s health technology stack! Marlow explains how the healthcare company developed its own practice management software for care navigation, billing and back office administration and already licenses more than 1,000 independent medical centers.

Tune in to learn more about Cano Health’s scaling and scaling plans before it starts trading at $ CANO. The planned merger with Jaws Acquisition Corp (SPAC led by Barry Sternlicht of Starwood Capital) is “imminent”.

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