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Digital mental health start-up Ginger just closed a $ 100 million funding round on the heels of its biggest year of growth to date: tripling its revenues in 2020, increasing its number of employer-clients to 500 and expand its services to more than 30 integrated health systems and health plans. CEO Russ Glass tells us about the company’s future now that it has also joined the billion-plus club of digital mental health startups.

In a space where competitors are well capitalized and ready to evolve. financing) Ginger plans to differentiate itself with a value-based approach to care that offers employers a one-time flat fee that gives employees access to all of Ginger’s care. Launched during the pandemic, more than 60% of Ginger’s new employer customers have taken this approach to improve both the quality and cost of care provided to their employees. We’re digging to learn more about this model and hearing Russ’s predictions of how the imbalance between supply and demand in mental health will continue to affect us (and the digital mental health market) as the pandemic continues. will disappear.

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