Building partnerships for peace based on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values

Washington, DC, February 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MEDIA ALERT

From pandemic to peace: Join global leaders and 1 million + global participants for the 5e Rally of Hope Online

THEME: Building partnerships for peace based on
Interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values

With global challenges such as COVID-19, poverty and inequality, race relations, international security, and the global economic slowdown, what can we do to facilitate significant change in our lives, our families, our communities and the world?

When: Saturday February 27, 2021, 7:30 p.m. EST, USA (live broadcast from South Korea)

What: The Rally of Hope is a live-broadcast online production using cutting-edge augmented reality technology to connect millions of viewers around the world with world-class speakers and captivating entertainment. The Rally of Hope is uplifting, actionable, and based on faith.

Why: This unique new program empowers ordinary citizens who seek to make a difference globally, in their communities, families and personal lives, transcending political, religious, racial and ideological boundaries to effect significant change. Anyone can be a part of this transformational movement of presidents and first ladies, parliamentarians, religious leaders, media professionals, academics, business leaders and citizens like you who embrace freedom, peace and unity. Hear from world-renowned speakers including heads of state, two Nobel Peace Laureates and a COVID-19 vaccine developer, who will share real solutions to our most critical challenges as a human community.

who: The 5e Rally of Hope online is sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation. (

Keynote speakers: President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari; President of Cape Verde Jorge Carlos Fonseca; Prime Minister of Guyana Mark Phillips; Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program David beasley; Bishop of the Church of the City of Refuge Noel Jones; President South Africa FW from Klerk (1989-1994); Vice President India Mohammad Hamid Ansari (2007-2017); Oxford Vaccine co-developer Dr. Sarah gilbert; and President of East Timor Xanana GusmaThe (2002-2007). The co-founder of the UPF, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon will deliver a special message of hope in her Founder’s address.

Or: You can access the Rally of Hope via any smart device, streaming live on social media platforms and at



CONTACT: Larry Moffitt Universal Peace Federation USA 202-669-0387

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