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Chronic disease prevention is often a part of chronic disease management – but should it be? Are there not different nuances in preventing diseases than in treating them? Newtopia CEO Jeff Ruby demonstrates that healthcare “primary prevention” companies deserve their own category. Newtopia has just announced the creation of a new category of healthcare providers, the Habit Change Provider, with the goal of more accurately describing the role of companies striving to change the way people feel. behave in their daily lives. What they eat, whether they exercise or not, how they deal with stress and anxiety – in short, it’s about influencing the many micro-decisions that cumulatively add to our health global and whether or not we will be. affected by “lifestyle diseases” such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mental health problems, etc.

Newtopia has been in this industry for over a decade, starting its road to commercialization with Aetna and a three-year randomized controlled trial with over 2,800 Aetna employees that has proven the power of prevention: physical harm reduction , clinical cost savings and the holy grail ”of any population health model, return on investment during the year. Newtopia is so confident in its approach that the company is taking a bottom line risk, a value proposition compelling enough to attract clients like Accenture, JP Morgan Chase (and it’s now a joint venture with Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway, Haven ) and all of CVS Health (which acquired Aetna.)

Is it starting to sound different than chronic disease management companies? Listen to learn more about the details of Newtopia’s approach, which even uses genetic testing to ‘remove blockages for changing habits’ by helping people identify what they have inherited from their parents (metabolism slow, difficulty processing fat, body’s ability to handle stress signals) so they can override blame themselves and start improving their healthy lifestyles.

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