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Just 45 days after Teladoc Health closed its $ 600 million acquisition of hospital telehealth provider InTouch last year, it turned around and announced a surprise $ 18 billion acquisition of Livongo, extending its reach in patients’ homes via the digital health start-up’s diabetes remote monitoring platform, hypertension, and more. Now, four months after signing this deal, and at the start of yet another pandemic year that is expected to be important for virtual care, the two big questions healthcare market watchers are asking for Teladoc Health are: 1) how is this double integration going? and 2) how reluctant are healthcare system clients to think that this “hospital-to-home” virtual care journey is a little too close to their own business models? Jess DaMassa gets the latest news from former CEO of InTouch Health, now president of hospital and healthcare systems at Teladoc Health, Joe DeVivo and former Livongo chief medical officer Dr Bimal Shah, who is now the doctor -Head of products and analyzes of Teladoc Health.

What was the integration of our old friends from the InTouch and Livongo teams? Which areas of the “Hospital-to-Home” digital infrastructure are priorities for 2021? And what about data integration? With over one billion pieces of data from Livongo, 10.5 million visits to the Teladoc platform and 3.5 million visits enabled by Teladoc via hospital customers, it seems interoperability to provide ” information, not data ”is central to the company’s driving strategy. growth. As Joe says, “Teladoc has just positioned itself to be ‘THE’ partner to institutionalize virtual care for healthcare systems. Excellence around healthcare delivery will always belong to the healthcare system, but to the extent that we can improve the consumer experience when integrating into the healthcare system and support our healthcare system clients, so much the better . To learn more about conquering hospitals, overtaking the competition, and fully exploiting the AI-plus-AI engine built by Livongo, log in now.

And, for the die-hard … to learn a little more about Teladoc Health’s vision for the future of virtual care, watch Dr Bimal Shah and Joe DeVivo here:

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